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A la carte menu

An à la carte menu for those who like to bet on a dish to try


  • Piedmontese fassona tartare, gorgonzola mousse, Jerusalem artichoke, black truffle and marrow perlage
  • Smoked eel, teriyaki sauce, braised leek, red beans and Greek yogurt
  • Our raw seafood
  • Fried cauliflower, its stock and cruditè, caciocavallo and lemon fondue
  • Scallops with asparagus, apple and ginger chutney, shallots and cured ham


  • Fregola risottata ai crostacei, tartare di scampi e basilico
  • Fusillo al torchio, patate, cozze, pomodorino, olive taggiasche e bottarga
  • Spaghettone Benedetto Cavalieri, aglio, olio, peperoncino e ricci di mare, mantecato con acqua di mare della Sardegna
  • Cappellaccio ripieno di melanzane, ricotta affumicata, crema di pomodorini freschi, basilico e scamorza
  • Raviolo di trippa, astice e stracciatella


  • Filetto di manzo con asparagi, crema di asparagi, patate e provola affumicata
  • Dentice impanato nel panko, spuma di peperone, peperone arrosto, agretti e acciughe
  • Agnello, crema di carota affumicata, patata e carota glassata al miele
  • Carciofo, spuma di pecorino romano, pomodorino confit
  • French toast di polpo, rucola, pomodoro confit, pesto di zucchine e mandorle


  • Beef fillet with asparagus, asparagus cream, potatoes and smoked provola cheese
  • Panko-breaded red snapper, pepper mousse, roasted pepper, agretti and anchovies
  • Lamb, smoked carrot cream, potato and honey glazed carrot
  • Artichoke, pecorino romano mousse, tomato confit
  • Octopus French toast, rocket, tomato confit, zucchini and almond pesto


  • Fregola risotto with shellfish, scampi tartare and basil
  • Fusillo al torchio, potatoes, mussels. cherry tomato, Taggiasca olives and bottarga
  • Spaghettone Benedetto Cavalieri, garlic, oil, chilli pepper and sea urchins, creamed with Sardinian sea water
  • Cappellaccio filled with aubergines, smoked ricotta, cream of fresh cherry tomatoes, basil and scamorza
  • Tripe, lobster and stracciatella ravioli


  • Chocolate and hazelnut brownies with hazelnut chantilly cream and white chocolate mousse with tasting of Incontro Gin – Lord Hazel
  • Creamy magnum with white chocolate, raspberry and cocoa ground
  • Our apple pie with chocolate ganache, caramelized apples, cinnamon ice cream and salted caramel
  • Creamy pumpkin, amaretto, crunchy chocolate and orange
  • Selection of cheeses from Italy and abroad
  • For all desserts, it is possible to add a tasting of Gin of our production for 3.00 euros

Tasting Menu

A menu for those who have the courage to trust us and let themselves be guided
  • Four course tasting of your choice from the menu
  • Tasting for the whole table – 70.00 euros per person
  • Accompaniment with a selection of 3 wines and a signature cocktail paired with dessert – 25.00 euros
  • Accompaniment with a selection of 4 signature cocktails – 30.00 euros