Meeting Restaurant & Drink - A new restaurant in Milan

Taste, smell, love.

We exalt the flavors of the area, keeping the traditions of our grandmothers alive, we play with colors and contrasts, but without any pretension of pleasing anyone. You will find a selection of cocktails to accompany the aperitif moment and go up to dinner, where you will meet passion, raw material, tradition.

Ours is an honest, simple but not simplistic cuisine.

A direct cuisine, straight to the flavour. Dishes studied but not excessively processed. Italian tradition mixed with the chef’s experience. We don’t overturn but we rework, with respect, love and the will to create something of our own.

A la carte menu

A menu where the flavors of Monferrato by Ivan, a Young Chef, mix with his experiences in Bologna, Rome and Verona.

Tasting Menu

Ideal if you want to take your time and enjoy a dinner full of flavours, fragrances and textures that come together.

Business Lunch

We are well aware that it is not always easy to be able to enjoy your lunch break. We ensure speed and quality and a menu within reach of all budgets.


A selection of cocktails for every taste, with one exception. The gins are all home-made. Discover Lord Hazel, Lady Irpinia and Lord Juniper.

Wine list

We propose a journey through the Italian regions, with a few stops in France, New Zealand and California for a total of about 60 labels