Unconventional Gin
As Incontro Spirits we produce a selection of three different gins dedicated to characters who lived in the past, who thanks to rebellion, determination and courage created the Incontro Gin line.
  • Lord Hazel – Hazelnut flavored gin
  • Lady Irpinia – Herbaceous Gin with herbs from the Irpinia valleys
  • Lord Juniper – Citrus gin with more classic flavours
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Signature List

Hazel Negroni

Gin Spritz

Irpinia Mule

Gin Basil Smash

Hazel Martini


Pantelleria Martini

The passion for wines has been handed down from father to son. So Giulio taught Federico everything he could.

Together, they built a wine list that could satisfy all tastes and include stops in Italy, France, New Zealand and California.